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hp DeskJet 3070A самостоятельное обслуживание и ремонт

hp DeskJet 3070A самостоятельное обслуживание и ремонт
Устройство для промывки печатающей головки

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HP DeskJet 3070A • Printhead Manual Cleaning & Cartridge(s) Not Detected Fix

In this video I'll perform a printhead manual cleaning on an HP DeskJet 3070a. This procedure can be performed on most of the HP printers supporting 364, 564, 920 and 935 cartridges. In the video I also got through a "cartridges not detected" error, which I fixed.

The entire repair process is pretty simple.

↓ Tools and things needed ↓
- Torx T8 Screwdriver
- Paper towels
- Cleaning Solution or Glass Cleaner
- Latex Gloves (Suggested)
- For the second method, a syringe with an adapter of some sort to connect the syringe to the black and color channels, it can be bought for cheap on AliExpress or you can adapt it like I did.

WARNING: If the printer cannot be unblocked, wait to throw your printer in trash... There are no components that can be recycled inside of a printer, printheads often cost a lot, but in some cases are very cheap too, so contact me and I'll try my best to find the best price online for the part you need. Don't waste stuff that can be repaired!!!

How to contact me:
If you need help fixing your printer, leave a comment under the video you're watching. I always reply to the comments whenever I have some time.
For commercial requests, send me an email to the address you can find in the "about" section of my YouTube Channel. Please consider that any email received for any reason other than commercial requests will probably be ignored. I don't have a service center and I don't do repairs for other people, I just make YouTube videos on how to fix printers :)

Suggested Channel (AbiCocca): https://www.youtube.com/c/AbiCocca
Suggested Channel (AbiCocca Live): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCX1w800U8QI2TV9dVTZUCEw

картриджи , чернила для HP Deskjet 3070 с AliExpress

http://ali.pub/2wvuuu - многоразовые картриджи
http://ali.pub/2wvv1g - 500 мл чернил для принтера
http://ali.pub/2wvv8g - шприцы для заправки чернил
http://ali.pub/2wvvgt - Магазин Saya Printer Supplier Store




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