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Easy Banana Pancake Recipe for a Quick, Healthy Breakfast | Alt-Baking Bootcamp | Well+Good

Looking for an easy, healthy breakfast recipe? This banana pancake, AKA the banancake, will be your new favorite go-to.

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Chef and nutritionist Mia Rigden walks us through the easy, nutritious breakfast recipe she makes every day for her little one. #bananapancakes #healthybreakfast #wellandgood

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About Well+Good:
Well+Good believes that wellness and health should be attainable for all—and recognizes the many barriers that prevent that from becoming a reality. Sitting at the cross-section of trends, service, and evidence-based journalism, we work to inform, empower, and educate communities and individuals when it comes to fitness, mental health, beauty, food, relationships, finance, and all other ways your day-to-day impacts your ability to live well, while working to challenge the systems that could hold you (or others) back. Your well-being is a birthright. Wellness is how you get there.

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Outdoor Kitchen - Mati`s Kochkanal : Hello. I'll try out your pancake recipe too. Good channel! Keep up the good work, Thumbs up and best regards Mati :-)
Nutritionally Nicole : Hi! I am a registered dietitian and I have multiple anaphylactic food allergies including eggs and dairy. I would be using my allergy friendly recipe for pancakes instead but this video was still really fun and entertaining to watch. =)
J K : Omg this is so fun to watch.. every time she laughs , i laugh.
gosiaaaa88 : Yummy
Marilyn Mack : thats an egg and a mashed banana, no cake add some coconut or yucca flour. . .
Laughter is the Best Medicine : you are making a banana omelette not pancake
Patricia Santillán : So Funny !!! Jajaja thank you !!!
Amy Swinarton : Who makes your non-stick pan?
Lifewalk Wellness : Cooking and filming together is an awesome way to connect. Yay for wellness!!

Alt tiktoks because Alt Supremacy !!


i'm glad you guys enjoyed the last video, and i'll definitely be posting more!

for the people who read descriptions, are any of you interested in me making video on alt clothing amazon finds? i'll include other online shops as well.
Xx_A S T R O Z O M B I E S_xX : 8:50 that- is nazi shit. That's nazi shit. (referring to their red laces that stand for neonazi ideologies.) i'm sure they didn't mean anything by it, but please do research before changing your lace color.
Milo The Lion : yes PLEAASE do videos with clothes finds,, i really need some good alt clothes
Louise : i'm trying to focus on my daily activities but my head keeps yelling "MONSTER ENERGY MONSTER ENERGY MONSTER ENERGY
C U N T" lmao
Irene Sv : thank u for the blessing :')

Three Quarter Marathon - Get Well

Three Quarter Marathon performing 'Get Well'
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Get Well is a somber vibed alt jam by Kiwi Alt-fuzzers Three Quarter Marathon

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#ALTWorld #ThreeQuarterMarathon #GetWell
Ильницкий Николай : Cool like
Unearthed Mosh : i shelved a bakers dozen pingas to this, that was 5 days ago, just coming right now


#alt well


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